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What book have you escaped into recently?
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"Altered Carbon" and "A Feast for Crows" -- Both of which are awesome in very different ways!
currently Im reading Peter F. Hamilton's The Reality Dysfunction 
"The Twelve" by Justin Cronin, just started it and I'm so excited about it!
"Summer Knight", I ended up reading later Dresden files books first, and realized I was missing backstory, so I'm starting over from the beginning. 
Communicating with Confidence and Power by Phyllis Mindell,Ed.D.
Dance of Dragons - my wife and I both went through all 1100 pages over the past few weeks.
The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry
just recently finished reading Harry Harrison's "Stainless Steel Rat For President" and currently reading a book a friend wrote.
Almost finished James S A Corey - Leviathan Wakes, then on to Caliban's War
I'm currently listening to Good Omens. 
Finished up Leviathan Wakes, now i'm reading The Dragon;s Path that came with the Kindle edition.
The Institutional Revolution: Measurement and the Economic Emergence of the Modern World (Markets and Governments in Economic History by Douglas Allen

Ok so it isn't as exciting as the others. Someone has to read it. Sheesh.
Anything by Clive Barker sucks me in for a 'cover to cover, can't put it down till I'm done' type of reading venture.
I don't read novels very much, so it's sort of a fluke that I just happened to finish reading one.  I just finished reading John Scalzi's Redshirts.  A very quick read, and an amusing story.
+Wil Wheaton recently posted a link to the World War Z movie trailer, which spurred me to read the book yesterday. I can't put it down.
Dodger by Terry Pratchett. Super engrossing. Loved everything about it.
The Ghosts of Belfast, great, easy to read thriller.
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I am sure most of you know it but if not it is a must read for anyone who grew up in the 80's playing D&D and going to the arcade.
Existence by David Brin.  Hell of a good read. It's a thinker.
Slow Apocalypse by John Varley.
Downpour, by Kat Richardson. The lates of the Greywalker series. Was very good. 
Finished Cloud Atlas and reread The Quantum Thief (even better the second time) and started on its sequel, The Fractal Prince, which I'm about halfway through with.
I rereading (actually listening -- audiobook) The Hobbit.
Just Finished And Then There Was None... Brilliance!
I am currently reading The Casual Vacancy. It's been a very slow start- lots of back stories to tell. It's starting to pick up a little now!!
+Shelley Kimball a friend if mine just gave me that book! I've herd great things about it!!
The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie... was rather meh, not my style of entertainment, the first book was good, but I was expecting some growth in more of the characters than was delivered. Sebastian by Anne Bishop, interesting world from a role players perspective, light fantasy, very slightly erotic fiction, maybe this week I'll read the second book.  Also reading The Stars at War by Steve White and David Weber, Space Opera, just a third of the way into it yet, but seems promising.  I think that that's everything that I read this week.
Derek Landy- The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant series) 
The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams 
Brian Greene's "The Fabric Of The Cosmos" at the moment and just before this the other books he wrote. I'm addicted  
Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson with Neil Peart. 
an abundance of kathrines by John Green
My last was "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Ummmm..... I'm writing a book. Does that count???
Okay, okay. I'm escaping to the world of middle earth. I'm reading the all four of the Lord of the Rings books. I just finished the hobbit!!!!!
True, true... But I can escape to the parts that are finished.
Unless you're in Inception. Then you must escape into a place that's still under construction, especially if you are it's architect/carpenter.
行 a q zhengzhuan  
The last books I was able to escape to was The Hunger Games series, before that was Game of Thrones, and Obsidian Butterfly in the Anita Blake series.
Finished Absalom, Absalom and now on Ubik
Starting to read Catching Fire. Awsome!
books are definately my escape.^_^ well let's see... i'm reading Ender's Game, The Earthsea Trilogy, Jane Eyre, Inheritance( Eragon). i'm also reading a lot of different series: Skullduggery Pleasant, Heros of Olympus, The Gatekeepers, Daniel X, I am Number Four, and I have mabey 3 more chapters to go in the entire Narnia chronicles. Can't think of the rest though....
i escape into " On The Bright Side Im Now the Girlfriend Of A Sex God" nd no its not at all about sex.
Solo Command, Star Wars: X-Wing Book 7
Terry Pratchetts "Going Postal" and Harry Harrisons series of "The Stainless Steele Rat"...again. 
Re-reading Piers Anthony's Incantations of Immortality series...
Not the last book I read, but the one I keep thinking about is Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. 
Jim Butcher's Dresden files.
My Gruncle always said "Don't go talking about religion unless you're looking for a fight" Just sayin'............
i love that book ^ (the alchemist i mean) cool pic.
had to check out 50 shades...since everyone was talking about it
Jay Red
Left Behind and Atlas Shrugged, together encompassing the sectarian and secular factions of the extreme right.  Interesting.
The silent seas by Clive Cussler
lady v.
Fifty shades of grey
We're listening to the Mongoliad part 2 at the moment, plus various nonfiction.
Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographic - The Shadow Dragons
Freud, history of literature, theory of literature,,, and so on...
Almost finished reading 'A feast for crows' can't wait to get started on 'A Dance With Dragons'
Oh my gosh Lol, I'm reading Game Of Thrones right now! HA! But, apart from that, I love escaping into books
My Bible also. always best especially when in trouble.
liz red
god bless you and your family
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it was such a wonderful book I loved it <3
'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green. Brilliant book, brilliant author.
Main street-best friends
Alone on a wide wide sea, by Michael Morpurgo. I am telling you, you should read it. It is amazing!!
prince of wolves- quinn loft
Hunger Games
(I love Michael Morpurgo- so that book sounds great!)
The Cadwal Chronicles series by Jack Vance and before that The Belgariad series by David Eddings.
I'm currently reading Game of Thrones, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and Beyond The Final Score (Tom Osbourne)... I also have a large (and getting larger) bundle of books waiting for me to get to them...  I really like to read.
Le due anime del mondo di Chopra Deepak; Mlodinow Leonard 
'The Innocent Man' by John Grisham and 'All the Women in the Bible' by Herbert Lockyer.
I've been reading Deidre Knight The Midnight Warriors series. I'm on the 3rd installment. So sexy.
 Bridghid's Quest of P.C Cast :)   
Ready Player One. Amazingly awesome.
Second book in hunger games trilogy. Pretty good read too.
Can u suggest some other good ones by Michael Morpurgo?

Just finished reading "Suddenly You" by Lisa Kleypas
the mark of athena amazing book!!! and everyother book i can get my hands on =]
I am reading "See No Evil" by Robert Bear I know its not fiction yet,i am half way through it, the subject to me is very interesting; politics in the making of the Middle-East. Not a new book though; does it count !?
Just started reading "Dance upon the air" by Nora Roberts.
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I'm reading 'Google+ for Business' by Chris Brogan.  Chris Brogan is my hero!
Just finished Fahrenheit 451. Going back to read past sci fi classics I missed growing up!
"Despre omul frumos" de Dan Puric
Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind as well as Call of the Wild/White Fang by Jack London :)
القرآن الكريم. The holy quraan
“Nora Roberts” THE NEXT ALWAYS.. I Love her work she is very good at wat she does.
Heaven is for Real  and Kalahari Dream..... both excellent reads.
I am escaping by 'listening' to The Great Gatsby' read by Tim Robbins... divine
: )
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz :) its about the earliest known religion on earth :)
Working my way throught the Richard Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell
Ike Ike
Omerta by Mario Puzo
A book called 'Picture Perfect'

Was amazing! I loved it :D 
harpers illustrated handbook of cats
"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury. Perfect sci-fi!
I read about a book every 2 days I would bore you with all their names But my top 3 are Harry Potter ,Hunger Games ,and the lost star 
The Mongoliad: Neal Stephenson,Greg Bear et al.
Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. And yes, I had to copy-and-paste the name of the author. But its worth reading just because its so different from other fantasy books. Next in line? Perhaps the 11th Wheel of Time book. I was one of my favorite series when I was young. But at book 10 I begun counting pages. And thats a bad sign. So I have some 10 year old unfinished business with WoT.
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling
Working my way through the Dresden Files
My family and other animals. Fantastic.
"Pride and Prejudice"  is an old one but is more interesting after seeing two versions dramatized first.  I missed it in high school, but it is never too late to do anything you really want to try, I believe.
hunger games, noughts & crosses and the maximum ride series
also all books by John Green!!
Right now none but going for "I too had a love story"
Shit, why is it so dusty?
"A Feast For Crows" when I finish this I'll read A Dance With Dragons"
I dont know I escape in all the books
"The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making" by Catherynne M. Valente, and right now "Dodger" by Terry Pratchett.
All of the Dresden Files, will start White Knight today
what book is escape is the name?
Brandon Mull's 5th Fablehaven book!!!! :) love it!!!! <3<3<3
Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
Dune by Frank Herbert
(both rereads)
'De Griezelbus 6' It's a dutch book by Paul Van Loon.
Just started Forever Friends by Danielle Steel
yes in a million ways to a million worlds...
Listening to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. John C Reilly's doing an amazing job 
a Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, then I am starting Shadow of Night the second part of the trilogy.
The one I'm trying to write.
vampire beach -ritual. it's a nice book
totally disappeared into Terry Pratchett's discworld.... it may take awhile to get through all of his books but I am determined. I also like Lost Fleet and House of Suns. My kindle doesn't sparkle like that but it does shine!
Ready Player One, Ernest Cline (pretty geeky, huh ?)
Dreams of Joy & Beautiful Redemption
The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey 
Children of the lamp. And The Son of Neptune
Smoke and Mirrors (short stories by Neil Gaiman)
The Grapes of Wrath
Codex Alera series, and it's quite a letdown, especially after finishing Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (a different, but better book).
Jill Z
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson!
David Weber's "Mission of Honor"
Been rereading some old Heinlein favorites, Time Enough for Love, Stranger in a Strange Land, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset.
harry potter huge thumbs up 👍👍
+Kaz Black , +Vanilla Poth I thin with the best books you are both right. They can take you away to another world, helping you forget about your own troubles. And through the humanity of the characters we can learn about ourselves. For example, no matter how far down the road to evil you have gone, you can still be redeemed. I love the scene in SWRoTJ where Luke is trying to drag Vader's broken body to a shuttle and Vader tells him to leave him. Luke protests,"but I have to save you!" Then Vader replies, "You already have."
THE HOLY BIBLE. The only book that speaks the truth! 
James S. A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes and Caliban's War. Mighty fine stuff... if you haven't read these, treat yourself.
ERAGON, haha its pretty big
Harry potter and the sorcerer stone the begining was so boring, I dropped it for a year!
Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer...
I'm reading the Harry Potter series to my son. We've just started the Half Blood Prince.
I'm reading the Alex Rider series by Anthony his books! 
Who me?I escaped out of a book recently....and now I free.
The Kinshield Legacy, started it yesterday afternoon and couldn't sleep until I finished the book.
I am digging into 2 great books. One is: Silver Boxes. Second one is: When God Winks At You. 
Tiger's Voyage 
it is the 3rd book in the tiger's saga 
The Mortal Instruments:  the city of glass best book ever it took me into a whole other level of fantasy, mythology,mystery,drama,and romance
The Vorpatril Alliance by Louis McMaster Bjould. Its a sci fi love story. 
Right now a tale from rumi's life kimya khatun the mystic& the dove 
Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe....
Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner
Geekily confessed, The hunger games, Malorie blackman and mor
The Hunger Games Trilogy!! Actually I already read that........
I read my Bible last night. I have a lot of books. Some of them are medical and some vampire, also tattoo books, books on mysteries. My favorites are John Grisham and Steven King. How about you? :-D
'Hunger Games' trilogy.  So depressing escaped into 'Game of Thrones' series.  Pretty sure my next escape will be to the 'Clifford' series...
I re-read books I have from the John J. Malone series by Craig Rice. Love that the characters are solving mysteries at screwball speed.
Jane Eyre! Just discovered the Classics. Have also read Pride and Prejudice recently! Have also just turned twelve years old! :-)
Ryan Ng
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin. Loving the entire series.
"As Dead As It Gets" a Bad Girls Don't Die novel.
Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Storm of Swords (yes, I'm behind the curve and slow)
I love reading. It really is an escape. And music, can't live without that.
Nothing else better than The Bible. The living word of God.
Re-read/reading "The Strain" and "The Fall" prior to "The Night Eternal"
A Dog's Purpose mostly to help me get over missing my dog. It's really worked and it's a really entertaining book, funny, sad and everything inbetween.
The Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series by Karen Miller (Duology). Titled The Innocent Mage and The Awakened Mage respectively.
H.P. Lovecraft.  And no, I don't sleep much lately.  :)
I love to read and this picture really helps to say why I love to read. I love to read because it helps me escape from the real world to a world where princess's hair are long enough to climb (Rapunzel)  and where love on Georgia orchard is real, well real enough (Love & Peaches). So please do find your escape for witch you will find it AMAZING!!!!
My favourite thing to do when i'm feeling down
that is soooo true i love reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thx god for books!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Snuff" Terry Pratchett. Discworld Rules!
Re-reading The Hobbit... again! Movie's coming! :)
just read anna dressed in blood waiting on book 2
The Holy Bible and also a book called A Thousand Suns 
You're gonna love this, my own, lol.
+Joshua Boca I can't believe you read Ted dekker. I thought I was the only one. I've read like 20 of his books and I love obsession but my favorite one is probably blink of an eye, skin, or three
The Apologetics and Insights From Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art & Craft of Landscape Photography
The Coffin Quilt. It's about the Hatfields and McCoys. REALLY good.
I've enjoyed the series, so I started reading the novels... Right now, I'm just starting on Richard Castle's "Frozen Heat"
MY ESCAPE YES!!!!!!!!!!!  i am reading eldest right now.
Joyce Meyers. Battlefield of the Mind. Awesome!!!
The Good Earth-Pearl S. Buck :)
Lord of the Rings!!!!! Last comment!!!
Gold, by Isaac Asimov.
The Great Urge Gordon Merrick. older PB by a great writer for men.
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