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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Geek & Sundry! Even if you don't celebrate we're thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Geek & Sundry
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And we're thankful for you.
Also, holy cowballs - great to see some of the behind the scenes people from the whole G&S effort. It's easy for us as viewers to lose sight of just how many people are involved in this many tentacled effort of yours.
Yes, I said tentacled. You see what I did there.
Mommy, why is the storm trooper wearing a master chief helmet?
Tabz! :) .. Sorry, I'm a podcast fan ;)
Much appreciation for the awesome Geek and Sundry family of great web shows :) :) :)
Thanks happy thanksgiving to you all too
yayayaaya! that was super awesome! Thank you!
You clearly have a great team culture at Geek & Sundry and it shows in your passion and enjoyment for your work.  Happy Thanksgiving.
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