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Fans make the most clever crossovers. Here's a Wholock one (Sherlock/Doctor Who). Spoilers for both. Final Problem | Wholock Trailer
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That is fairly well done nice. 
Still have a hard time with Sherlock, as he doesn't feel Holmes enough no more then Elementary, but I forgive these little issues and separate them from their source material. Still... it nits and the pick. 

This was well done though. 
They practically are the same show anyway. Genius who's always five steps ahead of everyone else and never breaks a sweat. 
I cannot watch this without marveling at how well done it is and smiling like an idiot. OH if only, if only. I could die a happy person if they ever actually crossed (especially if it was 10th doctor instead of 11th) XD
Nah. The Doctor and SH would kill themselves trying to out-Alpha male each other. But the trailer was good.
It's surprising something like this does not happen with the limited number of British Actors who work for the BBC.
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