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After some issues, Story Board is up! It has +Wil Wheaton Jenny Lawson, Pat Rothfuss, and John Scalzi! The Story Board Ep. 5 - "Life Online: Putting the Meme in Memoir"
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Do the others object to being tagged in the posting? They are all public posters on G+...
Everything I post or comment on has been on the web and "Open" since the days of 300Baud Dial-Up. Even my user name is the same forever. LOL.
I will watch it later! i love Wil and Jenny! i found out too late via twitter last night that jenny was on.. wishbi had knon sooner!
This is killing me...That sofa behind Wil Wheaton... I am looking for one and don't know what the classification of it is.  I am a guitarist and that's a perfect seat - Help? [EDIT]: Twin it. (the second cup of coffee finally kicked in...)  Thanks, by the way for the awesome discourse - Love this!
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