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Is Monday over already? Be sure to brush up on your Game of Thrones knowledge in time for +The Sword and Laser on Friday!
Changes that were made between the book and the television show in HBO's Game of Thrones.
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Very well said my friend.  I have yet to read the books however its on my to-do list.  I am reading "Interview w/Vampire" right now.  
Many of these points I was yelling at the tv about :D But all in all it wasn't to bad!
As with all adaptions, you just have to take it as it is, not how it is "supposed to be." That's the only way to really enjoy it.
ron lee
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they also leave out most of the wolf visions that the stark children had.  johns was a big part of the story line in the book
They completly left out the Reeds! Which are in my opinion very important story characters. In the tv show Bran had the green dream about Winterfell.
I like #1. We get to see the dragons burn down the sorcerer
Joffrey wasn't cruel to those girls just for kicks. He did it to undermine Tyrion, so that no-one would want to work with Tyrion for fear of Joffrey's wrath. Although despicable, I thought it was actually an unusually smart move for Joffrey. Unfortunately this flies in the face of the incident later on where Tyrion gets an imposter to play the role of Shea. That was a weak point in the books, as to why anyone would do that, made more so by Joffrey's message of the consequences for those who work with Tyrion.
Joffrey lacks the cunning or courage to make a decision on those grounds, Phil.  He's convinced of his primacy by his mother's coddling and his crown.  He doesn't realise until his life is immediately endangered that he might not win - that a "pretender" could dethrone him, or that the people don't automatically worship him because he sits the iron throne.

If he wasn't so cruel, he'd be a tragic character - an immature boy incapable of playing the game.
also phil tyrion did not get a pretender to play shea cercie thought ross was his hore
Why would Cercei think that unless Tyron had persuaded her to act the part? And was that Ros? I always wondered what role they had planned for her, since she wasn't in the books. That whole situation is very thin.
the article's author is basically playing at hapless fanboyism, of the show, not the books. i doubt the author of the article actually read the books because none of the justifications of the changes as deviations from the book, make sense. Example: about taking lolly out, and making a near rape of sansa during the riots "I felt that this helped bring home the horror of the riot by making it a character we care about. "

EVERYONE hated sansa at this point in the series.

the girl who actually gets raped during the riot, she later has a rape baby.
ros is in the books i beleve but she was not at all importent.  and cercei is crazy so she dosent need convincing she beleves she is smarter than every one else besides that part was changed from the book becuse there was a different story line that involved a girl from the summer islands covering for tyrons secret meetings
I didn't hate Sansa! What kind of monster would hate a young woman in that situation? She's trying to get by in a catastrophically bad situation that is in no way her fault, and the fact that she is entirely unequipped to do any better than she does is not her fault.
aw geez, ok. let me rephrase my statement: most people reading the books hated sansa at this point in the series. I realize when you say something like "everyone", there is always someone out there excited to contradict and therefore discrediting my ACTUAL point (which was: a criticism of the author of the aforementioned article). When I started reading, I couldn't wait until she got a reality d@*%-slap to the face. That was the what happens when you think that life is a game.... a game of....THRONES??? HAHA... sigh.. I kid.
OK I over-reacted. Sansa isn't one of the heroic characters, and she does screw up and wimp out on a couple of occasions (backing up Joffrey against Arya, for instance), but I am prepared to forgive her given the circumstances. She's way out of her depth.
oh absolutely! she's not someone you really hate because of their lack of humanity, but her silly little girl games set a lot things in motion that started the whole mess! you hate her for Ned's sake and because she was SO annoying. but back to the point. I don't think the author read the books first. I think he saw the show and THEN read the books. People always favor their first love. case and point: the author and myself.
I agree that the article isn't particularly insightful.
The changes thus far have all been forgivable, let's all hope that they remain that way.
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