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Our trailer is finally up! Watch it and let us know what you think! We're answering questions too! Geek and Sundry Trailer: New Shows Start April 2nd!
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Motion comics! Such a good idea! I loved the one that was done for Watchmen. Dark Horse material is going to be great for that.
Can't wait. Looks like some great shows.
This looks amazing! I can't wait.
+Geek and Sundry I have one question. Where is your head temple, or at least a shrine so I can pay homage to you appropriately...
+M Stange On our YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe and we'll consider that appropriate homage ;) But seriously, this stuff is going to awesome...don't miss out!
On Friday is that "Tabletop" or "Sword and Laser" or "Bonus Content" (such that a new episode of Tabletop is every 3-4 weeks)... or it it "Tabletop+Bonus Content" or "Sword and Laser+Bonus Content" (such that a new episode of Tabletop is every 2 weeks)... or is "Tabletop/Sword and Lazer" the name of one show that will air every 2 weeks... or some other combination I haven't considered?
+Geek and Sundry Yes yes, months and months ago... but... that's... not... enough deep sigh ... Oh... But. But.... where is Sparks McGee?
Dude! I've always wanted to drive a backhoe! /Jealous!
Lys J
The shows sound interesting (okay, they sound awesome, but I'm trying to pretend I'm not an ecstatic fangirl :p), can't wait to watch them and invite my friends to do so too! :D

(also, if you guest star David Hewlett - aka Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis - I... well... I'll love you even more! :p)
My comment is how can I be on it? ;) but... on a side note, how about convention reviews?
C. Fyhr
I don't usually subscribe to channels on Youtube, however, I did sub to this one for a couple reasons. Flog and writtne by a kid. I am so looking forward to these shows!!!
jaw slowly drops closer and closer to the ground, as the video shows more awesome

I sorta want to unsubscribe, so i can subscribe AGAIN! I am ridiculously excited for this!
I do a secret one-man hand shake whenever I see another Simpson on the internet....
DO WANT. I just tried to subscribe again. Again again. I think that's the third time I've hit "Subscribe."

Also, my Youtube homepage basically exploded with Geeky awesome. Best Monday of the year so far.
sounds great, will there a be a guild season 6 with all this you have going on also?
All these shows look great!! are you looking to add this channel to like Xbox live or the roku channel line up at all?
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