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And the more I like the book, the worse this gets...
has any one read fifty shades of grey :) 
I seriously thought I was the only one that did this.  I'll actually sometimes stop reading a book for a few weeks just because I don't want it to end.
WITH EVERY BOOK!  It is so painful I go out of my way to read books in series and not stand alones.  Until I reach the end of the series :(
i am not agree with you, because the end of any story is very isntersted
I do this with anime's too. I always get to the last two episodes and then I don't watch it for a week, and then the curiosity kills me and I have to watch the last two. 
I read the last 25 pages of a book in a quiet place all alone, so I can savor it!
I feel the same way about video games some times: I don't even want to start them because I don't want them to end.
Happens to me all the time, i don't want to finish the book because i am in love with the characters! So I end up reading the last chapter really slowly OR leaving it for just like 2 days... )
Whenever I finish a Vorkosigan book I feel this way, because you never know when it'll be the last one. I mean, between Diplomatic Immunity and Cryoburn she took 8 years off from the series. 

Anyway, I'm just starting Cryoburn now. I'm excited.
BT.  DT.
Been There.  Done That. I read the last chapter slowly and savor every word.
That's why I'm reading A Game of Thrones. The story is great,the books are long, and he's STILL writing.
That's what the sequel is for. And Fan Fiction.
sign of a good book if it pulls you in like that
I feel that way about Vince Flynn books : D
^^ These posts are great ^^ My sister is an Author she'd love this ^^
I always feel that way! But when i do finish, I just flip back to the front cover and start again!
Omg i just finished a book...NOT HAPPY WITH THE ENDING!!!!!!
i'm reading a book and i feel exactly like this!!!!!!! lol
Getting ready to feel that way again.. Bring on Wheel of Time A Memory of Light
I hope this is about books and not life !
Is so cool reading a good book

That's what happened to me with City of Glass. I stopped reading it for two years when I only had three chapters left. Finally finished it though, now to get the fourth book! 
+Nima Izadi 
به درد طرح کتابخا نه ات می خوره...عکسش رو یه جا ذخیره کن...تو انجمن کتابخانه ات ازش استفاده کن :))))))))))))
I don't do that, but I need a few days to get out of the old book and start a new one. 
ikr.... I was reading the second hunger games book and I kept saying to myself, "don't end, don't end, don't end". lol, then I thought, what do i do after I am done with the 3rd book?
OMG that is so my kid she reads the entire book in 2 days but the last chapter in 1 month lol 
This is sooooo me while reading who moved my cheese.....truly amazing book 
R Shree
I like to read last chapter again & again...
did this with Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows!
so me I always start missing my characters then tear up :-[
Once I read a crime novel I can't put it down
You guys should stop fighting! 
Leo T
OMG I do that too!
yeah i just finished a book that was the 2nd one and i'm sad now because of it :(
eek!! same is the case with me.
This is so me. But-I read the entire book slowly, so I can completely enjoy it. :)
Man that's how I felt with Mark of Athena.
So I bought the Demigod Dairies and finished it in 3-4 days. ;( 
Oh i really feel the same cuz some times i don't want to finish things fast
U all just jealous cuz u don't got no swag. (I put it in terms ppl who don't read books understand)
same way for me an Harry Potter books...3rd time for whole series..sad
OMG...H8 that!!!!good thing rick riordan is stil  continiuing parcy
IT IS DEVASTATING!!! Especially for book lovers (like me), I sometimes feel kind of empty for a while until I find another great book of course
i thought i was the only one who felt this way...
That's what i do i never want the book to end cause i go through a 600 page book in 2 days..and I'm 11!!!!
That happened to me just last night. I was so disgusted that the next book in the series hasn't been published yet!
I just finished "A Town Like Alice" and I felt exactly like this!  What a great story!
I feel the same way when I read the twilight books and other good books.
said this when i read the hunger games!!!
I know it annoys me i read this series called vampire academy and i went
through it in a week n a half
Said this when I read HP, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent, Narnia... I'm running out of room.
That's happen to me all the time and I have to read the last page over and over again 
K Dog
I so agree.  Then a few months later, I forgot I read the book and do it all over again.
if it's a good book and you like it just renew your book at the library
that's what i did for 19 Minutes..... Amazing book!
IRDK (i really dont know) why there is an old hag crying on a chair and + it doesnt even make sence! in shorter wordes doesnt make sence
This is life n we have to lead it
I read this as a writer, not a reader at first. I have been dragging my heels on finishing writing my novel for the same reason; I love my characters and don't want to leave them. At least you can always reread a book. :D
This is soo me . It happened to me when i was reading the hunger games
its hard 2 say goodbye to something u love.
Mary F
Omg story of my life!!!! 
Tats is me all the time wen i finish a book. :(
What happens when you're an author, and are unwilling to let go of your characters?  It can end up with trilogy after trilogy.  Think about it.  The author writes a book.  Then another.  Then a third.  And, of course, there's the proof-reading and editing.  Then, you realize that, wait a minute!  I can start another trilogy.  And the beat goes on.  I'm on my third trilogy in less than a year.  Someone, please, tell me how to let go!
I love S.E. Hintons books, I read The Outsiders and That was then, This is Now these were thee greatest books I've ever read, like his stories drag me into them and his characters relate too my life, that is my one and only favorite author.
doesn't work reading it slow tried it. just read it again!
I know i just hate it when books end until i get a knew intresting book.
I have so many books I want to read that I actually find myself speeding up as I go along so I can get to the next one. But on the other hand, I've been really reluctant to watch the last two episodes of Sherlock season 2.
I know how you feel!! ;-( 
Me! Totally, totally me, like, everyday of my life, that's me! XD
yeah i agree with everyones posts x
I get that completely...sigh...
haha i just had that moment like two seconds ago. . . creepy
u will get it ...i just figured it out lol
its ok i always do that lol x
Lord help those how are in need.And i know u can.
i hate reading sooooo stuiped dam  i have to read later because i have school monday
i hate reading but my teacher makes me
That's one more reason to start reading from the end to the start.
i know right i love some books so much its like u cant stop reading them
Please don't more and never give up.
EXACTLY how I felt on the Hunger Games! I was on the last page and I was saying , ''No! No! Nooooooo!!!''
It's not funny , butts it's ok , Sundry
Some books u remember for ever i just know theres a book in me---i find i can start it---and end it---its the bit in the middle i have problems with-- to start----once upon a time---and then they lived happly ever after any suggestions what to put in the middle
I did that with Harry Potter and with Hunger games
same here i love some books and i cant say good bye to
M Rose
hehehehe omgs! what is that sapost to mean? i mean it's funny its just that i dont know what the meaning of it is you know?
Yeah I did that with the hunger games it's just really hard saying goodbye to Liam hems worth :(
I DID THAT with Mockingjay the last hunger games! I was SOOO Mad at Suzanne Collins,  she rushed the ending she could have even made a third book!
Mockingjay IS the third book!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soo true... But if the last chapter is exciting, how do you read it slow?
Lol. lf you are like me then l speed over the whole book just to get it done for homework.
its hard to read the last part slowly
i am almost done reading a 9 seires book my friend finished the same series and when she was done she cried
Not true ..... just don't like books sorry
I can't do that, since I will finish most books within a day. I read really fast, so when it's over, it's over.....sadly
i feel that way sometimes
i feel the same wat bout some books
Those kind of books are the BEST!
I've done that..........with a 24 CHAPTER book called Monsters of Morley Manor
24 chapters is not a large amount.......
I know the feeling all too well
when i find a book very interesting i read it slowly just like relishing a delicious stuff to my heart and minds content and if i find it not i just jump pages and read the last page to know the end of it with a big yawn.
- a bhowmik
I hated and loved that book...........I didn't want Maximum Ride to be over, But. That. Book. Was. So. Good.
Fang ftw!!!!! I wanna read Confessions of a Murder Suspect
This is absolutely my life on a daily basis, lol...#proudnerd
It happen when i read my book it makes me learn fast
Ahh, I know that feeling
haha i get it  wait i do that all the time
sometimes it is good thing to have bad memory :) I can rediscover my favorite books every 4 or 5 years :)
i hate when a book is AMAZING then the book has to come to an end
That was like me with The hunger games!!! I nearly cried when i finished the books!!!
agree, Is like travel, is like visit other country so is sad finish! Happens me too!
I have done that before. I get so into books that it feels like I am in it. 
Happened to me with Harry Potter and the Hunger Games! Cried during the last HP movie as well. I need more!
Yes. This is why I can never get rid of books. They are all my friends.
thats just like me i never want t let go of books when they are so good
Sam DT
+melissa flynn more than once! Lol. This really discribed my relationship wth 50 shades.
To get over this issue, I simply re-read the book starting at the first of the series.  I ALWAYS find new aspects of characters the second time around.
Me with Almost every book i read! lol
thats how i feel when im about to finish a book
when I read a book I want to finish that but when i finish that I can't say goodbye to those characters :((

lol i think i've done this at least twice
when I read a book can't stop
i feel the same way about books some times :)))
this was me when i read the deathly hallows
I wish it could always last forever!!!
I SO know that feeling! That's probably why I re-read my favorite books about a hundred times.
This happened to me in these books: The Lightning Thief, the Lost Hero, and The Amulet (a Custodian novel, book 1.) Sadly, my local library doesn't have any of the books in the latter, and I am dying to read book 2! I live in a small town.
h... this happens to me often 
Sandy P
I can really relate to this one.  I do the same thing with TV series.  When one of my favorites gets cancelled, I've been known to wait a year or more to watch the finale.  That way I can pretend it's not really over.
can understand the feeling.. but the last chapter is usually the fastest as i need to know what happens in the end.. 
I feel this way while watching the last David Tennant Dr Who. Dont want it to be over:(
And when you're on the last page???

I know the feeling....
Omg all the time I know how you feel. 
That's how you know it's good ^_~
haha funny though im not a big reader im mostly out doing chores
I don't have to say goodbye,,,,  I can keep them alive in my head. ;)
Really must get back to reading, but Google+ makes time go double quick.
I love to immerse myself too....
every time i read a book, i constantly rewrite the story in my head with the same characters, just different events, and think out the story while for example, my fav show just went to a commercial and i dont care about how swiffer  is so much better than mop.
It was so hard saying goodby to the characters from The Dark Tower. After 7 books and 20 years, I didn't want them to go..... or suffer their fates.
I find it really hard to finish it at all. I feel there will never be another to hold a candle...feelin' ya.....
That is EXACTLY how i feel! I just finished The Hobbit and im so sad its over!!! :(
Rylie D
Every. Single. Time.
Last Wheel of Time book comes out next week..characters I've followed since 1993...I feel your pain.
haha! This sounds like me! Especially the good books by Leo Tolstoy, Elizabeth Gaskel, Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, Fransis Scott Fitzgerald, George Eliot, and Victor Hugo! lol! :D
I feel that way with every book, unless its a series. Then I feel that way at the end of the series. And I'm a VERY slow reader so I savor every word. But I hate for the flavor to run out.
that happened to me when i read the hunger games! lol
So right I love to read I read chapter books all the way through in one day in first grade
I feel the same way. Like right now, I'm at the last chapter of my book and trying to drag it out. I've been dragging it out for a week already. Ah-the sweet frustrating joys of reading :-)
I love reading and writing books. I get that picture.
That happened to me while reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.
I'm like that with fifty shades freed right now >.<
that reminds me of agatha christie.
Ssounds like me when I'm reading a really good book!
That is so true! I even sometimes read the last couple of chapters again and again until I finally tell my self that it is over haha
I just read mysteries and does any one go to marion

Just reread it a billion times like I do!
Love, Kate! 
 it is so sad to bad
books AND video games, especially the shin megami persona series...  :(
Or just re-read it like a million times until you come across a new book that you like. :P
gosh i hate reading but that happens alot to me!
like a million times until you come across a new book that you like :P
that is happening to me right now : _ ( i hate when that happens like your reading about really good characters but then the story ends if you know what i meen like say the hunger games like you turn to the next page and there are no more words you go like nooooooooooo when the heck is part 2 cumin out
but what if your favorite character dies in the middle of the book? Then what, will you keep reading?
i haye when that hgappen then i read it slow like she said : { )
dats bcz..u are a good reader nd the book is awsm

I know how you feel I wish the book will never end!
That's just how I feel when a really good book is about to end!
I always have the book in my mind for a couple days after reading it 
Kathe G
Lol...who took a pic of me as I finished the last of the Jane Green novels...all 16 of
That is why its called books,being able to can develop a love for reading isnt easy,especially if you dwell over the characters or enter a fantasy realm with them,you will never get to read another book very soon.For me reading enhances my vocabulary and stretches my literacy in vast ways.You cannot base your life on fiction,be you know it,youll be drowned in the world of fantasia and wouldnt know what is the real meaning of reality
im writing a book and i love all the characters soo im writing a sequel.
Lol,thats like me when I finish a book and i'm like " NOOOO ITS THE END!!!" Especially with Harry Potter,J.K Rowling could've done more! D:
Kathe G
Have to lighten up is fictitious for entertainment purposes only..if one looses touch with reality that's termed a psychiatric condition
i feel like that ALL THE TIME,  like now...MUST READ!!!!!
yeah so true until you get a knew one u like , but i don't like to read much
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