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What do you geek out about? 
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tech, movies, anime, games (all kinds from board to video), computers
Board games! And science fiction, especially written SF, and a Game of Thrones, and Tolkien, and anime, and computer games, and neat gadgets, and most science, especially physics and astronomy... damn, gotta get back to work...

Edit: and history and new ideas and some music and sometimes photography and RPGs...
Maps, RPG's, Space Rocks!!!!, fantasy novels/movies/tv, sci-fi novels/movies/tv, quirky physics, and the list goes on and on...
Usually geek out with video games or movies. I can be excited for a director or a producer for either and people just say who?
Physics, astronomy, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica.
First, my sons and my wife.  After that, movies, GOOD tv and movie/tv soundtracks.
Comic Books, Movies and the occasional video games.
I once spent three hours straight geeking out about RPGs and the storytelling potential therein and ranting about how video games could do so much more with story. Totally unprompted.
Operating systems and large scale data centers, mostly. 
Inequality and injustice.

.... sorry. Thought you said "speak" out.
Classic muscle car(s), a hardtop 1967 Camaro SS to be exact.
Computer graphics and 3d animation
Dr who... Whedon...  books... graphic ts...
Whedonverse, comics and all kinds of tabletop RPGs
Ti Jesu
Afro-Diasporic Religions and other weird cultural stuff.
Wil Wheaton, good BBQ, naps (did you know a 10-20 minute nap can revive you better than a cup of caffiene?), keyboard history/usage (CAPS LOCK IS A RELIC FROM A BYGONE ERA there, I said it), and Google-Fu (if it's public on the internet, I can find it, even from behind the corporate firewall)
Whatever I'm into at that moment. Right now it is live local music and oil painting.
Nuthin. I dont have enough passion to geek out. I just like stuff
Sci-Fi (Doctor Who, Star *, B5) and Linux 
Currently tabletop RPGs. It's become a thing. I have the sickness.
Harry Potter, Twilight (Yes, deal with it), LotR, Star Trek, D&D,  and, my newest obsession is, "The Hunger Games"
Iron Druid Chronicles. Can't help it... Oberon is hilarious! 
Swedish pirate party. Open source and civil liberties.
Conlangs (constructed languages), sff literature, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Merlin, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC comics and films and tv shows, The hunger games, LOTR and many other things :D 
Non-obscure video games, professional wrestling, cool tech.
Doctor Who, anything Godzilla related. Well there's a lot of stuff but those are the main two
New coding ideas, new technology, my wife's laughter... =)
Maire P
controlled vocabularies, ebooks, japanese word play
When Paul Dini tweeted me about my mom, I geeked out.
Music, Paleontology, Linux, Space, Zombies, Sword of Truth, Animals of all kinds, Photography and Filmography, etc...
Building computers not working video games anything technology mobile phones anything I can fix ... I geek about most everything
the new... new discoveries, new technologies, new gadgets, new techniques, new concepts.
I am a music geek.  I geek out about the band Queen.  They are my FAVORITE band in the world.  I was a member of the fanclub until I couldn't afford it anymore...
Music & musical instruments, maps, space exploration, science stuff generally, science fiction, hummingbirds, hawks, old photographs, art & art history, aviation history, world history, Mark Twain, language & etymology, satellite imagery, etc., etc. ...
At the moment i am geeking out about providing the uptime for a Website ; all multiple instance Wordpress over Amazon  Web Services fronted by Cloudflare;  oh and I am geeking out on how I am building the automation and reporting for the scalability. Oh I am also geeking out on digging into the logs to find and block scrapers and rogue user agents.  yeah I love my Hobby ; its also my profession. 
Ubuntu Laptops, mid-engine cars, Skyrim.
Office supplies...specifically pens and pencils. =D
Firefly! Watership Down, The Last Unicorn <3 Muppets! Star Wars! James Hance :D And oh so much more!
There is a one ton, nuclear powered robot on Mars that sends pictures of its awesome science experiments across hundreds of millions of miles of empty space to my pocket!
Actors. Current obsession is Christoph Waltz.
Wheel of Time books (I'm a bit of a masochist)
Early 80's made for tv fantasy movies. Think The Archer, and, Hawk the Slayer. Heartbow's and mind swords, YAY!
I think the list of things I don't geek out about is shorter!
Enough stuff that I started a blog to geek out more about things...
Tolkien, Star Trek, Doctor Who (classic and new), Whedon-verse, Epic Fantasy, Mythology, Psychology, History, Etc. :)
Computers/tech and gaming ... oh and changing my operating system every few days lol
Knitting, history, fantasy to name a few
star wars, lotr, star trek, harry potter, harrison ford, da vinci code/dan brown, harrison ford, supernatural (I LOVE YOU CASTIEL!!!), zombies...50 billion other things!
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