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Just one more chapter...
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yes well ... as soon I finish the necronomicon
This sums up my lunch hours very nicely.
we rule the world we just let them think been illiterate is a bless
Yes! We will finally rule over those stupid jocks and preps!
I've been saying this "one more chapter" thing to myself all day, yet I'm still reading and haven't accomplished squat I'd actually planned to do. This is why I seldom allow myself the luxury of reading a book unless I can afford to ignore life until I've completely finished it (usually in one or two straight sittings, including overnight). Aargh! Haha.
READING IS AWESOME!!!! but i hate it when you can't afford the book you want
Ikr! the artemis fowl books and the septimus heap books are awesome
computers suck even though im on one i like books much better they are my friends
im watching that movie right now!!
that's not true.i think god is the world maker & ruler...
I am a big bookworm too. I get a ton of free time in the evening, so I would often get at least halfway through a book I started that same day.I always think "One more chapter and I'm done... save some of good parts for tomorrow, Julia." sometimes I even finish a book the same day, depending how big it is.
Sorry the Irish will get to ruling the world first......................after one more beer.
I WAS A GIANT BOOKWORM when i was 8 and 9. At 8 I read all the Harry Potter series and a few adult chapter books and when I was nin I read all the Twilight series and Treasure Island and The Swiss Family Robinsons and Queen of wolves and so on.
You know if you like books,it you were marooned on a deserted island and that the only thing you take with you,hopefully not the telephone directory or the bible
i am ,like, a TOTAL bookworm.....
Elizabeth, "Kill Me If You Can" by James Patterson...awesome!!
I've read a book like that thriller/horror/mystery before! i used to read them all the time! well once.i hardly read anymore.
That's so me. and then i end up finishing the book.
matilda is the bomb and im 13 but YOLO so live while you can!
I completely understand! Lol.
I loved this book from elementary school.
maha cl
i too know this
I love it

Good luck to cherise and zahra!
Apply this to gamers also. Just one more quest.... Seriously you have to find a balance. Games and books are great for ideas and creativity. It helps you think "outside the box" when dealing with real world problems. But when you are successful in the real world, its hard to find time to read and play. Its all about balance both ways. 
Matilda! My fav character of the roald Dahl series!!
three more chapters to go.......
Knowledge is power!!!! I♥ reading!
nothing better ( except ice creme and sex)
that's me all right :)) lol
I believe that. 
 and "I could rule the world if I could only get the parts".
i read the harry pottee series twice in  3rd grade does that qualify with my nerd membership to
Oh, yeah! Just, shh... I'll be done in a minute! 
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