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I see you're a nerd....
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Nice sentiment, but who ever says "I notice you're a nerd?"
Further reasons I adore John Green.
I'd rather share a good laugh with someone like Felicia Day, than spend a night with what's her face.
A cute female clerk at a bookstore once looked up at me and said "Oh, so you're a READER, huh?".  I suppose that could have been intended as a come-on, but I didn't take it that way.  Instead, I just replied "Yeah, there are a few of us left."  
Getting laid would have been nice, but I just couldn't see coping with the stupidity.
To be fair, keeping up with Ms. Lohan's legal troubles is rapidly turning into a full-time job.
You know, a large portion of the Internet is dedicated to assuring Nerds and/or Geeks that they really ARE cool. Wouldn't it be smarter to just dedicate these resources to working on the insecurity issues?
One of my friends has this as her signature on email! So true!!!
Love, Kate! 
story of my life I am called a nerd all the time
HEY! Nerds should be allow to care about Lindsay Lohan's foibles, just like anyone else!!! Its comfort in reaffirmation. Its like going to the zoo.
three cheers to that!!!!!!!!!
I don't see why one person's popular media is inherently better than anothers'. How many people reading this post know about George Lucas selling Lucas Films or something about The Avengers, etc. Does that somehow have more inherent worth than say TMZ? "We're cooler because we read Gizmodo and Slashdot." There's plenty of vapidity to go around
Nerd culture has drama and conflict, just as everything else does. Why is caring about fictional characters like Luke Skywalker okay, but expressing interest in real people's lives make them empty?

There seems to be a strong pejorative bias towards the general population in this quotation, which is pretty ironic given the channel that it's posted in. "Like Lindsay Lohan, pssht whatever! I have more thoughtful, intelligent things to focus on like The Guild, and Space Custodians!"    
Bah stupid autocorrect changed it, I meant Lohan instead of logan
No one ever says "I notice you're a Nerd."  People likely to use the term are never smart enough to conjugate, nor are they that articulate.
+Rachelle Greene As a psychologist, you should know better than to say crap like:  "people who take pleasure in the failures of others are empty."

Also, as a native English speaker, I think I am qualified to say that your poor grammar is annoying.
Oh, you're talking about that girl that ruined Kombucha for everyone? 
Should be "I notice you're a geek", but otherwise cool.
Technically, you can only say "I notice you're a geek" If they have a dead animal they were munching at a sideshow hanging out of their mouth. But otherwise you would be right.
A geek is a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: "a computer geek", a "gaming geek", etc. A nerd is someone who is socially awkward and lacks social skills. Geek is a favorable term, nerd is not. Most geeks are nerds but not all, and not all nerds are geeks. I am a geek and  proud of it but I don't consider myself a nerd, but I know some people who are.
I appreciate the spirit of the message, but let's not diminish the staggering profundity of Lindsay Lohan's arrest record.
+Pierce Johnson  Lindsay Lohan is also a fictional character.  She is flesh and blood, yes.  Wellll...I don't know that for certain, let's agree to say she is corporeal.  But calling her a real person is a bit of a stretch.
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