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Will there be a season 7? I hope so!!
looking forward to watching this tonight. :)  Will the complete season with annotated commentary be out sometime soon? It is always fun to watch it that way too :)
Brilliant episode! - amazing ending to the season.  Girl, you got some skillz (and the entire cast and crew).  Keep up the great work and I look forward to whatever is next.
congrats on another season!!! how long before the whole season is on netflix?
That looked suspiciously like a series finale... :(
Was it renewed by youtube have they said?
I HOPE that was the end. You told a complete story, and it was great. Please make a new story and don't just keep doing this one. I was a huge doubter all season long and the last episode was the best one yet. Thank you so much for six seasons of entertainment, especially the last two that frustrated and enthralled me (often at the same time; it's a mark of quality). I look forward to your next project, whatever it is, with anticipation. 
+Andy Martin you read my mind.  Watched it and thought...End in...THE End Game?  Hope not.
We had this discussion in college today - why is it so final?!  I've never seen half a room full of computer science students weep before, so it was strange.
Sooooooo was that the Season finale or the Series finale?  I'm kind of confused here.  Great season but I hope that's not it with Codex getting a job, Vork & Tink getting some tail.  Please elaborate whether that is the end of the end.
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