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It's national ninja day! Who is your favorite ninja? (Source:
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Me, I'm my favorite ninja. G.I. Joe's Stormshadow is a close second.
Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden
Kennen or Akali from League of Legends. Riot Games ftw! :D
Hipster ninja. You've probably never heard of them.
I'd post a picture but I don't want to support the "dirty old man" persona.
anything other than turtle-y ninjas I'm not so familiar with. I wonder if my friend +Mary C. has one...
I can't post a pic of my favorite ninja. REAL ninjas don't let themselves be photographed.
nice, a anime-cali lewis!!! very sweet ! ^^
My Asperger's daughter informed me of something fascinating: the standard all-black uniform we associate with ninjas is due to old-fashioned Japanese theater stagehand gear. Because ninjas were "invisible," they merely clothed them, when appearing onstage, as simple stagehands. Cool, n'est c'est pas? 
Mary C.
+Jimmie Clinton other than TMNT, my favorite ninja is Chizu from Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo! :)
Well.. then there's the local G+  +Ninja On Rye, he's pretty cool too! :)
She is now pretty high on my list of favorites.
+Elizabeth Williams Bushey: Yeah, that's a very cool story. In reality, the ninja were various peasants who used various means to attempt to subvert the samurai and protect themselves. Disguise was an attribute often given to them.

I love the fact that kabuki ninja had a Fourth Wall disguise.
OMG, I missed Creep Like a Ninja Day D:
Gosh, with them being ninjas and all, I figured National Ninja Day would have been something like November 31st or the third Zeepsday in February.
I almost missed Ninja Day!  Funny how it sneaks right past you...
My friend Zach's character, Black Ninja.
Beverly Hills Ninja would kick all y'all's ass!!!!!
Also the brown ninja....I Dareth you to stop him....
How many ninjas does it take to screw up a light bulb?
Hikage from "Curse of the undead Yoma" Al tho this is probably my favorite ninja story rather than my favorite ninja.
Hard question...
Turtles? Cats!: Les chats ninjas

Dark-dressed martial arts expert, who throws little blade weapons, and can appear and dissappear from your sight in an instant? Batman!

On the other hand, Sub-Zero is the coolest. :P
Kenichi Shirahama. I guess he's not technically a ninja... But... Oh well! :P 
Pretty much anyone from Naruto Shippuden is okay by me ^.^
Kakashi Hatake - not only a copycat ninja, but a copycat ninja (openly) addicted to romance novels!
Not ninja - but Priss from Bubble Gum Crisis.
mugen and jin from samurai champloo, tho technically not ninjas- more ronin and misfits
Tough call. Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow are the best thing about GI Joe, but Rikimaru and Ayame let me be a ninja for the first time. I think I'm going to have to go with Batman.
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