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Happy 43rd Anniversary Sesame Street! For many geeks you were our first exposure to the idea that it's okay to be excited by science, math, letters, writing, art, music and celebrities. Thank you!
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wow its been on that long, i remember watching it as a kid
Timeless and relevant. . .  here's to another 43 years. . . and more!
Happy Anniversary Sesame Street... forever in our hearts!!
I literally grew with this show (I'm now 43); I still even remember the episode where they had to explain where Mr. Hooper went when he passed on.... THANK YOU!
Cookie Monster looks darn good for 43!!  :-p
never go up against Big Bird, he has a posse no one can beat!
Oh wow i forfot about when Mr.Hooper passed away. Man i so learned alot from this show. Proof that not all tv is meaningless blather.
Ok i meant forgot so i didnt learn to type from the street 
Obama will help u guys for 4 more Lol....great show!!! 
Ike Ike
Good old days
My mom and her whole family learned English from SS! Thank you so much!
Love love Sesame Street! Happy Anniversary . No other kid show will ever top it. 43,just like me. Hope there is 40+more to come! 
elmo is the real star
Glad to see you all still working
I still love this even if I am too old for it, ahhh the good memories
Ryan Ng
I'm way too old, but I still like Big Bird and his friends. 
i love sesame street!  they're all so cute!
Yeah i love cookie monster,happy 43rd anniversary sesame street,,love you all,,,
This is my favorite show , ilove it,,,
Taught me to count .. peanut butter sandwiches :) Ha Ha Haaaaa
i lv this cartoon watch it with my little sis
Love mr. Snufalufagus, also the count. Sesame street is great for kids.
I just hope Sesame Street can continue to make education as fun and exciting as I remember it being!
Until now im still excited to watch sesame street,,,,yeahhh
except Dinosaur Train. total fantasy of dinos talking, riding trains, and not eating each other. what?
Now i know that elmo is a human,,,,, ,but i still love the show,especialy elmo and cookie monster,,,,,still watching until now,,,,and im very proud of elmo,,,,
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