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LOL ... seriously, the expression on +Wil Wheaton 's face make it look like he thinks HE's being proposed to ... steady on there son, you're already married!
Love Wil Wheaton's "omigod I'm gonna cry" face.
cool proposal notwithstanding, this picture just makes me long for a new TNG movie. sure the JJ Abrams Trek is cool, but dammit I want to see my friends on screen again.
... I had a dream I married Spock last night ... though I'll never get married (pfft) ... the downside is that is was a double marriage ... o.O ... yeap even my twisted weird freak brain was weirded and and saying WTF? When I woke up.
Is Q praying? LOL! This is so damned silly and cute. Many happy years to them! :D
I think that's Jonathan Frakes sniffling.
Now that's a better picture than the one that hit the front page! Love it! 
Adorable. It looks like the guy is proposing to Wil.
Oh, shit, that was Will?
Daww. Also, thanks for giving a first-hand account of what went down on the original post +Wil Wheaton. Hope you're feeling better.
special omg moment treasure it for ever girl FUCK THATS KWL
I love this photo, seeing the cast together to witness the (cough, cough) next generation find love.  And +Wil Wheaton is flawless.
Is that Will sitting next to her?

I think +Wil Wheaton is just trying to not vomit his flu germs all over the happy couple. Such a considerate guy!
Her expression comes across as, "...wait, this is really happening?!"

You can see it in her eyes, she is moments away from realizing the magnitude of the event.
Is it just me or is Patrick Stewart the only one homes aging well? He looks pretty much the same and the rest look like they have been through the ringer. 
I'm pretty sure Michael Dorn has aged pretty well too.
It looks like wil is the one being proposed to.
I see you up there Patrick Stewart!  Where did you go man!?
He looks too old for her.
Well let hope it last or he will have to pay maintenance for their future children.
Wil's reaction is awesome!
He won that vote may god bleesed them , "So Sweet"
I love the look on will's face! Haha
Was I the only one who didn't recognize the Michael Dorn?
It kinda looks like he's proposing to Wil.. ;)
look at the guy with the cap.. he was more excited than the finace' herself.. LOL.. priceLESS
It takes a special lady to appreciate that kind of moment.
Jeebus, those g-d 50s style glasses frames everyone wears for fashion again make Frakes look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I couldn't tell that was actually him for an irrationally long time. Hmm, yeah, 50s fashion frames, yep. So there's that.
+Wil Wheaton is such a ham. Can't tell if genuine face or years of epic acting experience. :-)
that dude looks like he is the one that getting married
Wil looks like he was the one proposed to.
I wonder how Will Wheaton is going to respond to all these mentions... maybe he'll just ignore them after the embarrassment half-kills him. Assuming it's the right one, lol.
Oh man... what I wouldn't give to take a photo with that group...
Wheaton's gonna have to fight a bear just to get his manhood back
Holy cow, for half a day, I thought that the girl who covered her mouth is the girl being proposed. And just find out that she's (or he is) Will Wheaton. LOL
It's because he can see the sheer size of the guys nose and has seen the horror of offspring. 
I just love everyone's reactions here!
Would have been even more funny is she said no.....
I honestly thought at first that the guy was proposing to Wil in the photo. :D Very nice!
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