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Even the best storytellers could use a little help adding deeper atmosphere to their gamemastering. Enter Syrinscape - a desktop tool with a broad variety of sounds to color your tabletop experience, from ominous music to ambient landscape sounds to the clash of steel on the battlefield. The best part? You can check it out for free.
Revolutionising your tabletop gaming experience. Syrinscape is a dynamic, easy-to-use application designed to create continuous, repetition-free sound environments. Try Now for Free. "Not trying it out before deciding whether it is worth it for your group is a crime.... it's that good!
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Syrenscape is sharp with a nice GUI. The problem is that hes using all open source audio from what I can tell and charging a monthly fee to use his app. If you look at a yearly cost it seems high. I'm using and open source app to do something similar and customizing my own sound scapes for paranoina at North Texas RPG con.
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