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Painfully true!
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And talk to people I don't know and will, in all likelihood, never ever meet.
sit them at a computer and show them tumblr just watch their response
That the earth is becoming a quite small village...
Show them... wait for it... GANGNAM STYLE
I posses in my pocket a device that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man but I use it to look at memes, comics and cat videos
Why everything in the US says "Made in China"
Rich V
Cars STILL can't fly.
Ed Moda
30,000 drones have been authorized to fly over U.S. skies by 2015.
That's all I think about during history class. 
A missle guided by Dr.Evil and his Laser...
It would be hard to explain why dressing indecently makes you a better person.
That in the USA in 2011 over 75,000 people were shot, over 25,000 of them died. 
Lady gaga, facebook and microwaves would blow their mind alone lol 
Honey boo boo and reality tv
and that we still don't have flying cars
The dumbness of the new generation --all that education--and we r still giving birth to nit wits---we havent got smarter -a dog could outthink this 1
We think ourselves so clever, but we're so sad.  This is horrible.  They should add: "and avoid talking to friends and relatives by sending short coded text only messages when I could speak to them by wireless telephone whenever I want."
Explain how lots of guys waste their time playing virtual football/ soccer (fifa)
The Kardashian's (or any other reality TV 'star'), humanity took a step back....
I was born in 1950, and I started this whole mess that allows you to carry that device in your pocket! Stick my name into any search engine to find out how.
howd U start it? did u invent it or something? cos thatd be seriously cool
Xiomi F
Show them instagram and how people have lost all respect for themselves. 
Xiomi F
+Wayne Pickette The microprocessor is arguably one of the greatest technological advances of the Twentieth Century. 
Send them straight to Wikipedia
I am from the 1950's and i have been watching thei world change rapidly perhaps you should be asking what was is kike back the?
The US voted slavery back into existence  now we have a President that does nothing yet gets praised for enslaving us.
I'm from the 50s and I'm still alive and embracing new technology.
That most everyone wears their pants down around their knees with their ass hangen out, becuz it's cool!
Everyone without an ounce of common sense you mean.
That first one is a lie because it gives no useful information on microsoft error codes.
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