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The folks in the office have assembled their list of favorite things! What would be on your list?
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Andrew E. Konietzky: Pop Culture Geek, Tech-Monkey, Gamer, Zombie Hunter, and Writer located in gator-infested Florida. 

1. Books.
2. Broadband and Cranial Jacks.
3. Gloomy & Scary Thunderstorms.
4. Great Films.
5. Music that brings out the Emotions.
1. Books
2. Good music
3. Video games
4. Long sessions of D&D
5. Entertaining movies
1. Ganking gnomes

No, wait...

1. Exploring with my child
2. Music
3. History
4. Rocky Mountains
5. Mint Chocolate with a Milk chaser
I only have one thing on my list. To spend the christmas with my family without any sickness or drama. Last christmas everyone was sick from the flu and then a hurricane struck. A big one... So a boring, quiet christmas without any airborn christmas trees, boats or roofs would be nice. :) 
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