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If you haven't checked out MACHI KORO yet, now's the time - it's an all-around amazing game that's accessible to newbie gamers while remaining satisfying to die-hard tabletop junkies.

Check it out here:
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Yeah! Machi Koro is awesome. I first tried it on a transatlantic trip last year with a great gaming friend of mine in Canada. I bought it while I was there ;) 
Hmmm I've seen this game popping up around a few places, but wasn't sure about it. Perhaps we'll have to try it out... maybe our local boardgame cafe has it in their collection. 
as a for instance I purchased the game and took it over to my friends house between him and I and my son we played 3 games went to the local flgs and he purchased the collector editions with all the expansions that night! 
Love the game. And the expansions.

Just don't play it with both expansions at the same time. Takes FOREVER to get through. Add one or the other.
I confess, I don't understand the love for this game. Its biggest flaw, IMO, is that it is prone to creating runaway leaders. Much like the much loathed Monopoly, a few bad rolls very early in the game can set a person back enough that they will never be able to catch up. What's worse, is that this is apparent from the very beginning of the game, yet can take an hour or more for it to be borne out. A decent alternative that has all of the dice rolling goodness of Machi Koro, but without the critical flaws, is Valeria Card Kingdoms.
+Andrew Helton not necessarily though. It is about lucky dice roles but luck can change in an instant. For example we had that in the last game I played... my friend was a runaway leader like you described and was very close to victory. However I concentrated a lot on one number... 11. The number came up only once in the entire game, but when it did I scored 50 credits! Immediately built the airport and used it's 10 credits a turn to build everything else... built the last building before she could.
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