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You guys have heard of Eye-Fi, right?! 
Well, we're giving away 3 of their X2 8GB SD Cards!

Want to win?
Well, add us to your circles - first step done!
Next, publicly share this post!

Easy right?! Good luck!
Watch for winners on http://GeekBeat.TV/LIVE
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Perfect for my weather photography
I have been wanting to try one of these for a while. Come on Geek Beat! I need one :)
Shared.....yay! I've been thinking about Eye-Fi for about a week now. Great timing. 
Been wanting one of these, I hate taking my card out to process pics all the time!!!
would you all like to be my friends 
Done. Now pick me!
I could DEFINITELY use those.
Just bought a Sony Alpha33 so I could use my "Classic" Minolta lenses with it.  Need EyeFi card desperately!
Soon to be a graphic design student. This woulfld be nice to have :)
I need this for my massive photo library. 
Always wondered how these worked, particularly with devices not set for WiFi...
That would be awesome for my photography workflow
I would like one please.
I need one. My phone is full of pictures. Need bigger sd
This is the best gadget (sub_gadget actually) ever. A mini networked computer that handles one of the most mundane tasks in digital photography.
Woow new tech. Amceagerly waiting
...A Serene Subtle Hinting At A Concept for the Computerless~Computer (for) the next CES 
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