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GB Showplates
Showplates and road legal number plates at great online prices
Showplates and road legal number plates at great online prices


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Some manufacturers use low grade acrylic for printing Showplates, the problem is that whilst this keeps their overheads down, low grade acrylic is prone to fading and can crack after exposure to  sunlight.

Our Showplates are printed using premium grade acrylic that conforms to British Standard BS AU 145d. This is the same grade of acrylic used in the manufacturing of road legal plates and it has undergone stringent tests to ensure it resists fading in sunlight, wont become brittle, and meets the durability requirements outlined by UK law.

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With several groundbreaking technological advancements currently in development, the electric cars of the future could use solar body panels that effectively erradicate fuel costs and provide zero emission motoring. Vehicle to Vehicle technology could also make road traffic accidents a thing of the past since your car will be digitally informed about oncoming hazards and able to take evasive action without requiring a driver response.

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Great post by Greg Fowler on how to keep your motoring costs to a minimum.
You have a number of tools at your disposal to help you reduce your car insurance prices. Most of them are slow to impact your auto insurance rates, like improving your credit or demonstrating better safe driver behavior.

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There are cars, and then there are supercars, check out eight of the most desirable cars on the planet in our latest blog post:

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Do your car speakers flap every time someone bangs a drum?
Maybe it's time to upgrade..

Check out our hand guide on how to install a car amp!

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Check out some of the most advanced, powerful and luxurious vehicles in existence. But be warned, this sort of performance doesn't come cheap!


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Ever wondered what the most expensive private number plate in the world is? Check out our worlds most expensive number plates infographic.
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