Gazelle™ Core Modules: Overview

Gazelle™’s modular technology means you only need to use what matters and works for your business model. Although we offer over a dozen specialized modules as part of the Gazelle™ platform, most businesses can easily reap the benefits of convergence with our five core modules. These provide everything you need, from managing and sourcing new and legacy data, to building components that can be used to orchestrate new applications.

NEO™ is the “entry point” for all content in Gazelle. Whenever any piece of content – whether it’s a blog post, memo, email, voicemail, new contact, or media file – is added to Gazelle™, it goes through Neo™.

DYNAMO™ is the transformer. When you configure business rules and recipes in Gazelle™ and run them on content, Dynamo™ is what gets it done.

BREEZE™ provides content management services in Gazelle™. Once your project documents are in Gazelle™, you and your team can use Breeze™ to edit, update, and modify those documents seamlessly, all in one place. No more scanning through emails looking for the latest version.

WAVES™ is the digital asset manager and revision controller. When you have multiple team members working on a document, or multiple documents that are all part of one project, Waves™ helps you make sure you’re using the most current version. If you need to review changes that were made, Waves™ will let you access previous versions.

EQUIS™ is used to manage all your business assets and processes. Equis™ provides the tools to use all the data captured in Gazelle™ to run your business smarter, faster, and smoother.

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