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Google, Seriously now, a search for "Quick and easy recipes" brings back 7 pages from the SAME site. How is this good for me?

(I'll give you a isn't)
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In your search settings, how many search queries are you receiving per page? What is it set on?
Hey +Michael J. Kovis I think this query was set to 20 results per page but didn't check it at the time to be honest
Hey +Gaz Copeland, I noticed this too about a month ago and started freaking out when I saw multiple results in the top 10. I am unsure as to if Google feels that your intentions are different when you have more than 10 results per page or not. That was the answer I received and it makes a little bit of sense.

Regardless, it is kind of annoying as I would rather have the SERP's in order regardless of how many per page are shown...
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