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Be brave. Take this post and start a conversation with it
A Reply by +Chris Thompson to Banning Gays in the Boy Scouts

"I want to start a discussion. The only way to cure ignorance is through education...If anyone below can give me one solid, indisputable reason why the Boy Scouts made the right decision, I will take this post down."

Those aren't my words. They are +Chris Thompson's and his thoughtful, calm, and empathetic view on the Boy Scouts to ban gays needs to be shared and spread. #PridePlus   #LGBT   #BoyScouts  
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There really is no justifying Ignorance and Intolerance.  Something the boy scouts are supposed to instill  
What Ever Happened Two Good Old Fashioned Equality,Diversity,and*Serenity* Go Hand In Hand~?!
As an active member of the OA and a member of the dance team all I can say to this is that I am also a member of a group of Scouting for all. A gay group of Scouts and Scouters who are trying to do away with this. Look us up as you will find us on line.
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