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Gayleen Froese
Author of paranormal mysteries Touch and Grayling Cross.
Author of paranormal mysteries Touch and Grayling Cross.

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"Suffice to say that we don’t have much precedent for election-eve body-slamming."

--FiveThirtyEight on the limits of polling in the modern age

Unattributed quotation of the day:

Colleague: I don't even know what (redacted) team IS!
Head of (redacted) team (sitting right across from her): No one does.

+Ril Badil +Elan Morgan:

Friend who is reading A Complicated Kindness: Does your family shun people?!?

Me: Of course not. We would never do anything like that. It is VERY hard to gossip about people when you don't know what they're up to.

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As I was saying the other day, about people who think the Handmaid's Tale is unrealistic.

I just accidentally tried to invite one meeting room to another meeting room for a meeting. It declined. I guess it's busy?

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National parks, free all year.

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Here's a measured and reasonable article that nearly 40% of Americans would not read or, if they did read it, would dismiss as "fake news." (It's an opinion piece, btw, that links to and references fact.)

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I know, sisters. I know.

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This guy... here are his actual words: ""the Crown has a really weak case. They're going to drop 23 charges and I'm going to plead guilty to one ... Arson."

Those other charges included "possession of incendiary material", which I didn't even know was a thing because I have lighter fluid and I bet you do, too.

Anyway, that's a side note. What I really wanted to say is that claiming the Crown has a weak case because they charged you with everything in sight and only got you to cop to the actual main charge is like a serial killer who got caught with bodies in his trunk bragging because he got the prosecutor to drop the ticket he got for running a red light when the police were chasing him and that he only confessed to first degree murder. 
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