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All things golf, all the time!
All things golf, all the time!

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The author of my favorite golf book of all time, "A Course Called Ireland" is about to  start a new adventure, playing 82 UK Links courses in 57 days to search the highlands for the secret to golf.  The grand finale will be his qualifying round for the British Open at St. Andrews.

I'll be following him along his quest. I hope you'll join me. 

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It’s been over 2 months since I posted a survey on this blog to try and learn why more millennials aren’t taking up golf and what could be done to entice them to give the sport a try.

It was a bit of a slog trying to get kids to respond to the survey even with targeted ads on Facebook for the 17-25 age group.

I ended up with almost 100 responses and although one could certainly argue that the sample size isn’t  statistically relevant, I feel that the results do speak volumes on how the game of golf is viewed by our youth.

Would love to know your thoughts...

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So many businesses abuse social media and use it to spew out shameless solicitations.  Then they wonder why it's not working for them.

To be successful and leverage the power of 140 characters, golf businesses need to practice these 5 basic rules of engagement.

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To be successful online and off, golf courses and related businesses need to embrace a content marketing strategy with engagement at its core.  

81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

Here are a lot more reasons why it's time you started blogging for your golf business.

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Too often we guess about what young people want in golf, but do we really know?  

Help me get some hard data so we can #growthegame  with more of them. 

Share this survey with 17-25 year olds you know.  < 5 minutes work may land them a $50 Amazon Gift card.

Draw will be help mid November.  Thanks!

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To all golfers who want to understand how we can attract and retain more young people in this glorious game...

Please share this 5 minute survey with anyone 17-25 years of age and encourage them to participate.  If they fill it in, they'll be entered in a draw for one of 2 $50 Amazon Gift cards. Thanks so much! 

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Please ask any young people you know to take this 5 minute "Why DO/DON'T you play golf" survey for their chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift card.  Let's find out what they really want in the game/industry!

It's Terry Fox Run for the Cure today and PGA Tour Pro Brad Fritsch is looking to raise money to support this worthy cause.  Join him and help fight cancer.  Give back through golf one birdie at a time.   #Fritsch4Fox 

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Brad Fritsch is giving away 3 Titleist Prize Pacs to golfers who are helping him raise money for Terry Fox Foundation.  Donate what you can and then share that you did on social media for your chance to win. Use hashcode  #Fritsch4Fox 

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Social media is huge in golf marketing.  Here are my top 5 picks for insightful social stats and studies this week. 
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