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Pulusu is an Andhra variation of Sambar prepared in Tamilnadu. Generally all Pulusu's have tamarind pulp in them, which reacts with the vessels (except in stainless steel) in which they are prepared. Before stainless steel was invented cooking vessels were mostly cast in various types of alloys such as brass or bronze and these alloys reacted with the tamarind in Pulusus (forming a green rust which is called as KILUMU in Telugu). Thus our elders needed an inert material to prepare these pulusus. 

In Telugu Rati (Stone) + Chippa (Vessel) = Rachippa. The Rachippas or stone vessels are carved out of soft stone and they served as an inert material to cook recipes like pulusus, which had tamarind. Traditional families have these Rachihppas stacked on their attics and must have forgotten also. I could chance upon one such stone vessel which probably is as old as my mother-in-law's, mother-in-law's, mother-in-law's. If this is true, it must be more than 100 years old!!!

We hear many stories when our elders narrate how the preparations made by their elders were so tasty because of the vessels they used. At times these narrations border with myths and childhood imaginations. However, the fact remains that preparations in stone vessels take longer time to cook on a charcoal stove  and the recipe simmers for long time. This gives ample time for the various ingredients like, salt, tamarind, chiili hotness, jagerry sweetness etc to cross with each other and seep into the vegetables body. A rachippa also retains heat for a longer time thus even when fire is turned off the pulusu in rachippa continues to simmer and  bringing out the flavor from the vegetables.Thus these recipes naturally taste great!!!

In one way we can say that a rachippa works as a slow cooker. As it retains heat for a longer time pulusu remains hot till it is served. In this recipe I share our traditional family Pulusu recipe

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