Who doesn't like accolades like the one below

"Hello Gayatri Garu,

Firstly, Hats-off to your work .Your website is great and the way you present yourself(not just your recipes but everything your pronunciation,your articles, your respones ) is fantastic.

We are a new couple married 4 months ago living in USA and i told her to rely on internet to learn cooking. She used to watch your videos everyday and sitting next to her , i could hear your narration but frankly never looked at your website myself until today. 
The reason that brought me here today is my wife prepared mysore pak learning from your video and it came out very delicious.

The whole credit goes to you (but i got to give some to my wife o.w she might not cook it again :) ).

Once again heartful thanks to your work.

Ramu & Rani"

The recipe is given at http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/sweets-and-savory/mysorepak

Hope you would also try and give your feedback. Enjoy!!!
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