Galijeru Pappu-pulusu - గలిజేరు పప్పు-పులుసు- Punarnava Recipe - Click here

Derived from two Sanskrit words 'Punaha' which means again and 'Nava' is new. Therefore as the Sanskrit name suggests this herb is said to renew the body systems and all the more rejuvenate them.  It's a boon to revitalise the liver. 

It is a stolon category creeper that grows wild in India throughout year but dries during summers. It bears small fleshy leaves, small reddish pink flowers and fruits in winter. All parts, including roots, of the plant are used in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicines.The Latin name of the herb is Boerhavia diffusa and in English it is called as 'Spreading Hogweed'.

The leaves were plucked fresh from my Mother-in-law's kitchen garden.
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