Commercial Ice-cream -

While we were at Vizianagaram, in the neighboring compound the resident used to make ice-cream for commercial use. For years I used to watch him taking third rated milk, and adding all sort of powders to thicken it and ultimately put the CMC & GMS chemicals to make it smooth and soft. There was never ever a iota of cream in it!

Food industry liberally uses CMC & GMS in their preparations. Those who like those commercial ice-cream textures can prepare this ice-cream as shown in my recipe. At home we have an option to use good milk and really put cream to make it a real soft ice-cream and avoid all that thickening stuff used by commercial makers.

Health is wealth!!


P.S Personally I have stopped using CMC and GMS. Now I prepare ice-creams in a different manner as shown in my other ice-cream recipes, which is more of Italian Gelato method or our Indian Kulfi method!

At my place, if children are to be given Ice-cream, it is a big NO to prepare it with CMC & GMS!

To know what are CMC & GMS, see my recipe!!
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