One of the objectives behind is to help the newly wed to handle kitchen comfortably. Your success is my pleasure!

Mrs. Prasanti writes

"Hi Gayatri Garu,

I am Prasanthi and I am newly married. Soon after getting married I had to shift to USA with my husband. I felt so nervous when I was cooking in the initial days of my married life here in US. Then I came to know about your website which is like a gift to me. I started watching your recipes and cook. Now I feel like cooking is not so hard as I thought. Its been 6 months since we got married and my husband is pretty much satisfied with my cooking :)

Thank you Gayatri Garu!!

For Vinayaka Chavithi I cooked 'Undrallu', 'Mixed Vegetable Rice' you posted in your site and my guest was pretty impressed with those recipes. In fact this was the first time I cooked undrallu and mixed vegetable rice.

Also I have read your weight reduction column and inspired and started dieting the way you said.

Thanks again :)

Prasanthi Giridhar"

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