Kitchen Aids -

I post the two videos at the above link keeping the newly married in mind, so that they can properly plan, purchase and maintain the requisite items for their kitchen.

I suggest the youth to buy these kitchen items over a period of time keeping sufficient intervals between each purchase so that there is a novelty, newness and excitement with each purchase. Affluent may like to purchase all the items in one go, but still I feel they should resist the temptation to retain the newness and excitememt of acquisition.

You two should build a home unlike acquiring a house which is to be done at one go. Even today I dream of purchasing a few items and defer them so as to first realize the full satisfaction of the items already acquired. Now you may have the question as to who should and how to decide which one to buy when and where. Together, you are the best judge. If TOGETHER you go to the market and acquire the items, the joy is compounded.

Click the link at the top and Enjoy!!!
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