It's Mumbai. Its not so easy to find Chintakayalu - Tender Tamarind which are otherwise commonly available in Andhra Pradesh during this period. In Mumabi one needs to keep a close watch for the festival of "Tulasi Vivah", during which time only these Tender Tamarinds are available. During this festival Sugarcane, Tulsi, Tamarind, Amla, Lemon are offered.

Hindu tradition beautifully weaves Mythology and Health. After "Tulasi Vivah" there is nip in the air and winter starts. Lemon, Amla and Tamarind have Vitamin C which helps in fighting cold and fever. Tulsi is also a known herb to fight common cold and fever. Through the Tulsi Vivah customs the community is nudged to revere and plant Tulsi, Amla, Lemon and Tamarind Trees.

Get the Tender Tamarinds and make the pickle as shown in the links below

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