Just for You & Your Family!!
When Christmas & New Year are round the corner every Sister, Mother, Wife & Daughter in you would dream to cut a cake for the Family.

Believe for sure, that cakes along with their icings sold in market contain chemicals added for various reasons and are never as fresh and delicious as the ones which you bake at home.

Once your hand becomes steady you can easily bake different cakes without any chemicals. I desire to bring before you a few cakes for this season.

Just follow my recipes - almost all the ingredients are home-made. To the extent possible I would also host the needed ingredients like condensed milk etc made at home only!!

The first in this series is Egg-less Vanilla Cake

For Recipe Text click here http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/bakers-corner-1/eggless-vanilla-cake

Click here for Video of Eggless Vanilla Cake- Andhra Recipes - Telugu Vantalu
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