Junnu - జున్ను - Colostrum milk Cheese

Junnu is cheesy dessert made using colostrum milk. Colostrum milk is milk of a cow or a buffalo during first five or six days of calving. In some parts of the country, people just throw it away, while in some parts people consume it as a delicacy.

Colostrum milk is rich in proteins when compared to ordinary milk. So as and when available bring colostrum milk and make this soft textured cheesy dessert which has tasty flavors of cardamom, black pepper and jaggery.

Our family friends Mrs B. Jyoti Garu & Shri B Nageswar Rao garu could get this milk at Borivali, Mumbai and gifted us 500 ml. Thanks to them I could upload this recipe.

Enjoy this recipe as shown at


P.S - A question by my viewer on Youtube  and my answer

Question - Gayatri garu, just want to tell you that some people who are aware of what this milk is will shun the thought of using this milk to make something like this when it is meant for the new born calf. I love junnu but I felt really bad when somebody pointed this out to me. If u think about it, it makes sense.
Answer - This is the question put by children to elders in agrarian families, and the answer given by elders is as follows
Cows and Buffaloes are the animals in GOD's creation which lactate more than what the calves need. Firstly, the calf can't drink the entire milk yielded by its mother, secondly even if it drinks the entire quantity of milk, it suffers from in-digestion and loose motions and can die too. Good & seasoned farmers are careful to allow the calf to drink only what is needed.
Colostrum milk too is given only in desirable quantity to the calf, because it has a lot of essential items needed by the calf to survive. Excess colostrum milk though extracted is either  consumed or discarded. It can't be left in the udder because it would make the udder swell & become painful
Just imagine for a Jersey cow giving 100 lts of milk, can it's calf consume the entire milk. If one feels the answer is YES, he is justified in avoiding dairy products
Incidentally, humans don't yield as much as dairy animals and hence we cannot compare cows to humans. I feel it is a misplaced sympathy. - one can enjoy Junnu
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