Ginger & Garlic paste is so simple, why to host this video? Read on to find the spirit of this recipe.

Ginger & Garlic paste is used daily in many homes to season recipes. Garlic has a strong aroma and when we peel the garlic, our hands retain this smell almost the entire day. In a busy schedule, even peeling garlic apparently takes away precious time. Initially we found garlic peelers and now ready-made Ginger & Garlic paste on the shelves in the super markets. Reading the fine print of ingredients, we notice the word preservatives, which are nothing but chemicals (only to be avoided by your loved ones).

When both husband and wife are working, the job of peeling Garlic and making Ginger & Garlic paste can be shared by the less burdened partners. Peeling garlic is neither a rocket science nor requires any art. Ask your partner to watch and make this recipe so that he / she also contributes to the tastes you experiment at home. Family that cooks together also enjoys together!!!

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