In the present times when Mom is too busy to even breast feed her infant while Papa is too engrossed in profession to help his child with home-work, our existence itself has become virtual. No wonder other physical and tangible items in life also become virtual. The world’s very first virtual grocery store chain opened this summer in Korea.

Shoppers see the items on the virtual shelves as if they were in a grocery store. If they want to purchase them, they simply scan the barcode with their smartphone (after downloading the app) and the item is placed in their online shopping cart. Once they’ve paid, the items are delivered at home. They can even schedule a later delivery if they aren’t going straight home. If you’ve purchased a product in the past and you simply want to order it again, you don’t have to physically visit the virtual store. You can just go into your smartphone app and order it via the product’s barcode.

Sooner or later in India, the hawkers on the busy streets would display their ware on these virtual shopping panels, and the walls in the street that adorn dirty and half torn posters would soon be replaced with glossy posters to enable virtual shopping!

Jayho virtual shopping!

The video link below explains more
Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store - Cannes Lions

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Holy crap - We are living in a virtual world. People living in Seattle shop fresh food on amazon fresh that is delivered the same day. I hope they expand it soon across the US.
Upgraded Technology..hmmm.. we have to live with it.. happy or not.. do not take it too personal.. Somebody who wants to enjoy life by go physically shop, those will still do it, and i am one of them.
mothers milk is rich in protein and the best
Breast feeding is natural go for that
+Anil George Let the mom decide if they have time to breastfeed or not. With less than 1% protein/100 g - It does satisfy the needs of the baby. Mom works too today and it's their call.