Rajma (Kidney Beans) Curry
Thanks for these compliments and I would continue to strive to perfect a recipe before it is posted here.

"Dear gayathri madam,

I was not a big fan of Internet cookery blogs, until I tried your allam pachadi with exact same measurements and it turned out so delicious , that we kept making this dish every week.

Soon after , even for the regular dishes that I cook at home  I started referring your site and found your tips very helpful. I always made rajma curry and it tasted great ,but the only thing I used to be disappointed about it was -it's watery .

I then took your tip to grind some rajma beans from the curry and add the paste to the curry . It really gives a great texture.

Your dedication to blogging and sharing these tested recipes with wonderful videos is very admirable . Keep up your good work.

Heartfelt thanks !

Keep the good food coming. Cheers !!

Samyuktha Rao
New Delhi"

Click on the link next for Rajma Curry recipe http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/non-south-indian-1/rajma
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