Often there are times when we feel cooking is a drudgery. It can be made simple by a bit of planning ahead.In this video I have shown how to store Bottle gourd’s different components, for use in day to day cooking. I buy every week either a Bottle Gourd or a Pumpkin or an Ash Gourd. I cut them as shown in this video and store.Remember not to buy all the three at one time. Else the very purpose of making cooking simple becomes drudgery!!! In breaking coconut video I have shown how to store coconut also.With these ingredients in hand, preparing Sambar, Gavial, Molakuttal, Aloo Kaddu Torkari, Kootu, Sorkaya Kooralu,Gummdikaya Kooralu etc just become soeasy. You would have an option to prepare a large variety of dishes within afew minutes. I give importance in using theskin of these vegetables also, which is ground to paste and used in gravy preparations,to thicken the dish and give body to the curry. This adds natural fiber to our food. Example Sambar, Aloo Dum, etcYou may also visit Gummadikaya Koora video recipe to see how to store Gummadikaya

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