Avial in Gayatri Vantillu is GAVIAL - http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/chaaru-rasam-perugu-pachhallu-etc/gavial

Ms Vidya Gopal, Palghat, Onam and our Bhopal Stay are all the ingredients of this Gavial! LOL:)

Ms Vidya Gopal was my neighbour in Bhopal. She is much younger to me  and we have a warm sisterly affection to each other. She is a Tamilian, from Palghat in Kerala and celebrates Onam. Once in a lunch at their place, she served AVIAL which we all enjoyed. Ofcourse I sought the recipe and she shared it.

In the next round of get-together, I prepared this preparation and served it. All enjoyed. Her mother-in-law certified that it is very good and enquired what the dish is. When I said "its Avaial", she remarked that in Avial, no tempering / seasoning is done and so much curd is not put. My husband suddenly quipped then let us call it Gavial - an Avial coming from Gayatri Vantillu!!. That's how this recipe is famous amongst our friends and relatives.

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