Gongura Pulusu - A temptation an Andhrite cannot resist !

Enjoy this recipe as shown at http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/chaaru-rasam-perugu-pachhallu-etc/gongurapulusu

A viewer's comment

I live in Kansas, USA. I have been married for 3 years now. I am an 'OK' cook and I keep browsing the net to bring variety into cooking. Your website (the videos, narrative and the directions) are wonderful. You are a great teacher and all the recipes that I have learnt from you are unbelievably tasty and each of them is a success. When I went to the Indian store last time and saw Gongura, I grabbed it with both my hands and made the delicious 'pulusu'. I have learnt the correct way of cooking pappu, curry, vepudu etc.

The service you are doing by painstakingly putting up all these cooking videos is commendable. May the Almighty grant you health, happiness and success.
Please continue posting and keep up the good work.
Your Telugu is very soothing to hear. You definitely have a big fan in me.
Take care.
God Bless."

Having been placed at the level of a TEACHER by some of my viewers, what more compliments can a teacher deserve on this TEACHERS' DAY!

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