I was an Ant in State Bank of India, rated excellent for 15 years. When I sought a transfer to my husband's place of posting, I was laid off. The Ant in me explored new areas of engaging myself and created www.gayatrivantillu.com to reach the present heights. Ants are always happy because they can live where-ever they go, without support systems!!!!  Click on the video below and Enjoy!!!

P.S After the above initial post I received a few mails from well-wishers expressing their concern for my loosing the SBI Job, and some even suggested that I should find solace in spiritualism.

In this connection I would like to convey, I have no regrets, rather I'm happy because I'm able to pursue an activity dictated by my own likes and dislikes - In Steve Jobs words "where my heart leads".

For, people who are similarly placed, I want to reassure that if one door closes, another opens. At times losing an earlier job may be a blessing too!!

I still remember that day when I met my Eye-Doctor MK Ajwani, at Arera Colony, Bhopal with whom I discussed being laid off from SBI. Surprisingly he congratulated me assuring that I'm going to do something bigger, and narrated his wife's story who left LIC job and is doing very well in her business. My self and my husband both laughed it off. Little did we realize that same would be true with me too!!

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