Patti Samosas / Irani Samosas / Onion Samosas - పట్టీ సమోసాలు / ఇరానీ సమోసాలు / ఉల్లిపాయ సమోసాలు -

Childhood memories - There used to be an Irani Cafe at the Chikkadapally cross roads in Hyderabad. During college days when I used to pass this cafe, the aroma and the distant view of the Onion Samosa heap used to be tempting  but could never venture to this place to fetch these Samosas. The place used to be crowded with many Auto-rikshaw drivers, who used to halt for enjoying a cut-chai with these samosas. In the road widening of RTC X roads this Irani cafe is no more there!!

After Marriage - During our visits to Vijayawada I enjoy walking along the Besant Road from one end to the other. At the vegetable market junction there is an eatery (on the drain cover) which opens after 4 pm and does a brisk business of these samosas. An Old lady, probably the owner too (now in her 60s) is busy folding these samosas. While a worker is busy frying them in the oil, her Son is busy packing them for customers. I have been watching this for the last 15 years, during all my visits, but couldn't muster courage to get near to these Samosas, because of Fear.

Why fear? - My in-laws are in Vijayawada and we stay with them during our trips. After having these somasas, one would naturally lessen the nights intake of food. When both Son and D-I-L eat less, audit starts as to why we are eating less at dinner. In a M-I-L audit which D-I-L would like to fail? Therefore I have been avoiding tasting these tempting samosas all along, due to fear.

After 27 years of marriage, finally in my recent visit  I mustered courage to have a Rs 10 pack of 4 somosas. While I was eating them, my tongue and eyes were busy trying to guess the ingredients and observe the process of making these somosas. From the wide Basin in front of the Lady I was trying to understand the finely shredded ingredients. Noticing the unusual customer in me the old lady suddenly yelled at the worker, giving a sufficient indication that I should leave, otherwise........

Thus she became an inspiration to try and perfect this recipe and bring it before you. LOL!!!

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