This photograph was taken near Mangalore Tea Gardens on our 27th marriage anniversary  in October 2014

Through this post I want to introduce my (life)-partner and share a secret. This person is the architect who devised the frame-work for "Gayatri Vantillu"  and saved me the time and effort to learn web-designing, hosting and maintenance.  His continued support enables me to concentrate on my recipes.

During the last 27 years we have been sharing common dreams. Now we are used to love and yet fight with each other. We have been enjoying each other’s successes and never found wanting in comforting during tiring times.

While I enjoy remaining one step behind him, he always takes an opportunity to talk high of me in circles. Today I would like to acknowledge in public and inform my viewers that Gayatrivantillu is our shared e-dream-home and we both have distinct roles in its upkeep.

My partner prefers to be identified as Gayatri’s Husband on these pages !!!

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