It's a coming back in 2014 after a vacation. I Wish all my viewers a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I find many friends, especially women suffering from Iron deficiency and popping pills. If we follow our ancient wisdom and shift to using Iron pans and griddles, we can comfortably meet this deficiency in a natural manner. Iron leaches into the curry / recipe we make and body absorbs it easily.

Let me share that human body can absorb only 5-10% of the Iron pill which we pop-in, but from the curries made in Iron Pans we absorb the assimilable Iron compounds and thus higher Iron intake.

Ladies especially after Menstration suffer from Iron deficiency and the first symptom is feeling tired for nothing.

Many have the fear as to how to season the Iron griddle for the first time and how to maintain it. To remove these doubts I have attempted this video as shown at

Out of over enthusiasm don't use Iron vessels to cook rice. Make curries and Dals etc.

Enjoy with Nature!
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