Daddojanam - Curd rice given in South Indian Temples as Pashad:  This recipe can be seen at

To appreciate is a GREAT QUALAITY, especially when it is done without expecting anything in return. I thank all my readers and especially those who take some time to key-in a few good words giving their feedback. I consider them to me GREAT. Following is a comment from a Mother-in-law who prepared this Daddojanam recipe for her Son-in-law and got his appreciation. Smt Padma garu was kind enough to share this experience on my blog as follows

"Namaskaram Gayatrigaru mee vantalu choodatam naku chala ishtam. vatini without any doubt try cheyyochu ani na nammakam.meeru chala nijayati ga untaru. chala cooking shows lo chala bagundi ani cheppe vatini konni asalu tinalemu. nenu mee recepies konni try chesanu. chala baga kudirayi. oka sari maa alludiki jurney lo tinadaniki daddojanam chesi echanu. he liked it very much. thank you. naadi oka request.jurney lo teesukelladaniki 24hours nilava unday recepies add cheyyandi please. naku pulihora matame telusu. Thanking you Padma"

Padma Garu, Thanks a lot and you have made my day!!!
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