Vanga pella Chaaru - A Rasam Variation

This is a traditional and almost a forgotten recipe. Probably elders at home who are past 70's should remember that their Moms used to prepare this recipe. It used to be famous in the agrarian families.

Farmers for their seed requirement used to allow a few Egg-plants to mature till they have seeds and are ripened on the plants itself. The ripened Egg-plants are known as Vanga Pandu. These fruits have a peculiar smell and their color is also very nice. In modern days its almost impossible to get the ripened Egg-plant unless one stays nearer to the rural markets and they are sold.

Though Indian farmer caters all the food and vegetable needs for the cities, they hardly have the benefit of having a variety of vegetables for themselves at  home. The logic is simple. Agriculture being a profession, farmers would like to maximize their return, for which all the farmers in the village would plant a mono or at best two different varieties of plants over large areas. This helps in transportation and price negotiation with the traders from cities. Thus the farmers in a village would have only one or two vegetables in plenty - i.e the ones they grow in their fields.  They don't have the luxury of choosing a vegetable of their choice from the counter shelf, as is the case in urban ares. Thus the farmer's wife is bound to experiment different varieties with the same vegetable and bring out various tastes. Thus came many traditional recipes using the same vegetable.

To protect this recipe for posterity I document it. Mostly this recipe would we for academic interest, because many would not be able to get the Ripe Egg Plant (Brinjals), i.e Vangapandu.

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