There is a story from Bhagavatam. Rukmini and Satyabhama are wives of Shri Krishna. Stayabhama is known for her beauty,  arrogance and foolishness also. She didn't like Shri Krishna to visit Rukmini. Once during a winter season, she asks Shri Krishna as whom he loves more whether Rukmini or Satyabhama. Krishna replies that he loves Satyabhama in the size of an Orange and Rukmini in the size of Goose Berry. She feels so happy and shares Krishna's opion with NARADA saint, who smiles and asks whether she has taken water immediately after eating an Orange and Goose Berry. Satyabhama tells "No".

He suggests that she should drink water immediately after eating each fruit separately to know the answer. As usual, being impatient she insists the saint to tell the answer. He reveals that if you drink water immediately after eating Goose Berry, the water would taste sweet whereas if you drink water immediately after eating Orange, it would taste bitter on tongue With disbelief she tested and found that NARADA saint is true!!

Thereafter Shri Krishna had his QUOTA for the day from Satyabhama

Weather is slightly changing and winter is setting in India. Its time to get Goose Berries and Oranges. Those of you who want to test may do it

Goose Berrys are rich in Vitamin C and are a natural gift given by GOD to fight COLD and Fever. Include it in your diet atleast once in two / three days.

Enjoy this Goose Berry Chutney - Usirikaya Pachhadi recipe as shown at

Health is Wealth!!
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