Pappu Charu or Dal Rasam has been a traditional recipe in most homes. When there is left over Dal from the afternoons, Grandmas used to make this Dal Rasam - Pappu Charu for the dinner.

In fact, charu made using leftover dals taste better than charu prepared with plain dal as the leftover dals are already seasoned and they also contain some vegetable in them---those vegetables bring variety and the charu tastes different with each vegetable in the dal. For example, make charu with bottle gourd and also make charu using leafy vegetable dal like totakoora (Amaranth leaves)mamidikaya (Raw Mango) pappu---observe the difference.

It is an ideal preparation for those singles and working / students, who want to reduce time on cooking by make Dal in the morning and Paapu Charu in the evening!!

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