Orthodoxy or there is a scientific reasoning?

Deepapu Vattulu - Wicks for Pooja - Click the following link for more details- http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/miscellaneous/deepapu-vattulu---wicks-for-pooja

This video is made while my mother -in-law was preparing these wicks. While young, I used to wonder as to why my mother-in-law is struggling to make these wicks, when they are available in the market so cheaply. I felt it is one of the symptoms of orthodoxy. 

Today I'm able to appreciate that wick making for puja, is subtle exercise for fingers. Similarly growing plants and performing puja with the flowers grown in your own garden  gives immense satisfaction. Such activities keep one busy and engaged - otherwise "Idle Mind is Devil's Workshop".

Tradition also has a rationale behind it!
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