Dabba Rasam - Citrus Juice

Nature has its own balancing art. During rains and winters we need more of Vitamin C to fight cold and fevers. It is during this season we get Lemons, Big Lemons, Oranges etc in plenty.

We need citrus lemon juice for many recipes and the necessity often is in just a small quantity. At times a full lemon would be too much .For such occasions  we wish lemon juice is available handy in small quantities and hence bring store bought pouches which have chemical preservatives. Instead why not prepare it at home and give your family chemical free natural food!!

For preparing Citrus juice at home follow the recipe as shown at http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/miscellaneous/dabbakayarasam

Enjoy Cooking - Enjoy Serving  & Remain Healthy
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